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It knocks the wind out of you, reality does...

Brothel bouncer Leon shouldn't be here. A week ago he stepped over the line, maiming a slap-happy VIP punter. But he can't stay away. Not with his daughter Kelly being so young and vulnerable. If he can sort it out with Graven, take the kicking he knows he'll get, maybe they can call it a debt paid. But when Kelly goes missing Leon realises what kind of debt is due.

This short (120p) book is part of the Crime Express imprint from Five Leaves Press, and published April 1st 2011.

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GRAVEN IMAGE for audiobook

What they said (so far) about GRAVEN IMAGE

"The Nerd urges you, dear reader, to get your hands on some Graven Image toot-fucking-sweet, to let Leon take you on a journey through both the dark alleys of his hometown and those of his diseased brain. Granted, Leon's gonna give you a laugh now and then, but mostly he's just making sure this intense crazy train never slows for a fucking second lest he get a horrifying moment to reflect."
- Nerd of Noir, Spinetingler

"Blends a blistering storyline with deep-lying themes of redemption and guilt, of men trying to do the right thing in hard circumstances, and manages to be thoroughly realistic, despite self-delusion on the parts of the narrator. On this evidence, the future of British crime writing is very bright indeed."
- Doug Johnstone, Big Issue Scotland

"A sleek and sharp bullet of a story that twists and spirals down towards a concussive conclusion thatís both surprising and absolutely fitting."
- Left Lion

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