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"It were all brung out into the open now, all the bad in the world, and there were no point steering clear no more. I felt like I were the one to do summat about it. The chosen one, you might say."

When the world gets frightening, what do you do? Hide in your basement, watching 24-hour rolling news about the latest crimes, the newest lows to which humanity has sunk? What happens when it comes knocking on your door? Do you double-check those locks and pull the curtains even tighter? Or do you do what Hamlet did, taking arms against a sea of troubles and, by opposing, end them?

Former bouncer-turned-recluse Royston Blake has never heard of Hamlet, but when headless corpses start turning up all over Mangel, he decides to do just that. And what better way to fight evil than by becoming a cop? Not just any cop but an undercover one, in the style of Sonny Crockett from Miami Vice. No one gives you a chance, but so what? Who cares if they all say you're the worst kind of copper a town needs? What matters is results, right? And that means catching a killer.

After years of suppression, a premature funeral and a bloody campaign for his liberation, Royston Blake is finally back. ONE DEAD HEN is the fourth in the Mangel series and will be published on August 9th, 2011.

What people said about ONE DEAD HEN

What the author said

ONE DEAD HEN at (paperback or Kindle)

ONE DEAD HEN at (paperback or Kindle)

What they said about ONE DEAD HEN

"And while we laugh at the absurdity of the story, Williams does just enough to create the nagging worry that it isn't so unreal after all; that Royston is only as much of a caricature as the sensitive intellectual in the Hampstead novel or Jonathan Franzen's troubled Americans. The hideous town of Mangel, meanwhile, with its casual violence, unmanageable drinking and psychotic conservatism, offers up a vision of Britain that seems all too familiar. Royston may have trouble with words of more than two syllables and antediluvian attitudes to everything, but he produces one of the most challenging social commentaries you are likely to read this year. AmazonEncore has rescued an excellent book."
- Sam Jordison, The Guardian

"One Dead Hen is : Painfully funny and true. Brilliantly absurdest and satirical. Essential reading for anyone who wants to look modern day Britain in it's bleary eyes"
- Paul D. Brazill, You Would Say That, Wouldn't You?

"Williams plays with satire, stereotypes, and at times even slapstick, but then unsettles the reader by bringing in elements of gritty realism or grisly horror. Simply put, the author has the ability to tickle your funny bone one moment, before quickly cutting into your marrow the next. I found One Dead Hen to be, after all the humour and antics, the bleakest and most nihilistic of the books so far. Mangel no longer seems like the laughable town from hell, but now hell itself, and anyone who stays too long is either damned, cursed or slightly demonic to begin with. It's a place where innocence and hope is slowly strangled from all those who stay (or return)."
- The Paper Tiger's Roar Feed

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